Architecture of Density
par andreaswikstrom,
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Michael Wolf, dou­ble win­ner of the World Press Photo pro­vides us with this series “Archi­tec­ture of Den­si­ty” where unre­touched pic­tures of Hong Kong, its 7 mil­lion inhab­i­ta …

Michael Wolf
Seph Lawless Explores the Abandoned Malls of America
Benjamin Starr,
With a name like Seph Lawless, you might understand why this pseudonymous artist chooses to keep his true identity a secret. His most recent series of photographs captures the decay of the american shopping mall. Here is a place that was on…

Seph Lawless
A Look at The Unknown and Controversial Photography Career of Lewis Carroll
Gannon Burgett,
Portrait of Charles Dodgson, aka: Lewis CarrollHe’s known as the author behind the famed Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by most, but the breadth of his disciplines goes far beyond literature. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, more commonly known …

Alice in wonderland?
The Truth in Advertising Act Seeks to Rein in Excessive Photoshop Use in Ads
DL Cade,
Excessive Photoshopping has gotten a lot of press in recent years, and anti-Photoshop advocates might finally get what they’ve been seeking thanks to a new bill that just hit Congress.The Truth in Advertising Act (H.R. 4341) is a bi-partisan bill…
Fun and Imaginative Photos of a Toy Plane Soaring in the Sky
Jenny Zhang,
Macau-based web design­er and devel­op­er Varun Thota (@vnthota) has an Insta­gram feed full of pho­tos depict­ing dynam­ic met­ro­pol­i­tan life, but his series My Toy Plane (#mytoyplane) takes his cre­ative vision to new heights. The…
Just realised how trippy this looks. Test prints of a work in progress.
The Art of Research II: process, results and contribution, p47

Work by my students in the advertising photography class….


Advertising photographs produced by both “photo studios” of VCD410. Images are shown with post production. Full page spreads are fictional client briefs for Sofmap and Koleksiyon. Studio Bottled Talent won this week’s challenge because their images more suited the strap-lines in terms of communication.

Homage to the lost spaces by Mike Hewson

new zealand artist mike hewson has created a series of large-scale mixed media installations entitled ‘home to the lost spaces’ in acknowledgement of the devastating earthquakes that affected his home town of christchurch in 2011. 

the ten images are plastered on various buildings around the city, providing a temporary and allegorical renovation for the collapsed structures, displaying scenes of complete and functioning spaces that was known prior to the magnitude 6.3 natural disaster in february. hewson uses establishments that have been destroyed and now listed for imminent demolition, giving the spaces ephemeral and symbolic recognition for the event. 

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